We facilitate the uninhibited flow of oil to the world


Our Vision Mission & Values

  • Our Vision

    OTTCO facilitates the uninhibited flow of oil to the world.

    We will capitalise on Oman’s reputation for security, reliability and trustworthiness, enabling geopolitical stability through our storage, blending and O&M capabilities. We have the ambition to reframe global perceptions of Oman’s oil industry, and our relationships with leading government entities will enhance our success. We are a gateway to Oman’s oil infrastructure and to the Gulf region.

  • Our Mission

    OTTCO operates world class oil storage infrastructure. We provide best-in-class service, connectivity and flexibility for regional and international customers.

    As a wholly owned subsidiary of OQ, we combine political willpower with industry expertise and commercial outlook so that Ras Markaz becomes one of the largest crude oil storage facilities in the world.

    Ras Markaz is strategically located away from the Strait of Hormuz, a potential choke point in the oil supply chain, and offers easy access to markets in South-East Asia and Africa. A crude oil pipeline from Ras Markaz to OQ8 Refinery provides access to value-added options and meets the market’s demand for flexibility, while the substantial capacity of our facility means customers can store oil for the short or long term.

Our Values
  • Care
    • We care for safety, Health & Environment, employees and customers.
    • We respect others and the trust they place in us.
    • We want to make a difference to society and those we affect.
    • We have a sense of responsibility which goes beyond our job.
  • Collaboration
    • We treat others respectfully, the way we want to be treated.
    • We believe relationships and partnerships are fundamental.
    • We enjoy working with others.
    • We are best when we work as a team.
  • Agility
    • We don’t stand still. We know when to change.
    • We seek out new things which will make a difference.
    • We are restless, always looking to do better.
    • We embrace the ideas and perspective of others.
  • Dare
    • We pursue the right outcome, knowing it is rarely easy
    • We are prepared to stand for what we believe.
    • We will challenge where we believe the path is wrong.
    • We face directly into challenges and grasp opportunities.
  • Deliver
    • We value delivering great high-quality service on time and on cost.
    • We are rigorous, do things the right way, and follow best practices.
    • We are transparent. Honesty is a value that we want to live by no matter what.
    • We seek simplicity, efficiency and continuous improvement.