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Corporate Governance

OTTCO’s Board of Directors holds the overall responsibility, on behalf of the shareholders, for the direction and oversight of OTTCO’s activities.

OTTCO’s main strategic decision-making responsibilities rest with the Management Team and the Board of Directors, which oversee the following activities: Commercial/Business Development, Engineering, Operations& Maintenance including HSSE, People & Culture, and Finance.

Our Governance Policy clearly outlines and defines the principles for the management of OTTCO. The Policy covers General Principles, the Management Structure of the Company, the Shareholders, Establishment & Proceedings, Representation & Management and Appointment by the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Shareholders are the highest authority of the Company, with the role of supervising and directing the Board of Directors. OTTCO’s senior executive is the Chief Executive Officer, who reports directly to the Oversight Committee. Both are authorised by the Shareholders to represent and manage the